EGaIn 测试平台


The home-made device of EGaIn set-up is applied to study the characteristics of molecular tunneling through self-assembled molecule.

搭建了基于EGaIn测试技术的热电测试平台,通过加热电极产生温差,并测试两电极之间的电势差,而得到分子的塞贝克系数。其中,Micro-syringe、Au电极、钨针构成测量回路,微操作台用于调整Micro-syringe的位置。右侧的放大图展示了EGaIn Tip及其镜像。

A thermoelectric test platform based on the EGaIn test technology was built. The temperature difference was generated by heating the electrodes, and the potential difference between the two electrodes was measured to obtain the Seebeck coefficient of the molecule. Among them, the Micro-syringe, Au electrode, and tungsten needle constitute the measurement loop, and the micro-operation table is used to adjust the position of the Micro-syringe. The enlarged image on the right shows the EGaIn Tip and its mirror image.

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